About Us

image of Grayson Feb. 10, 1934 - Dec. 16, 2019

Mathematics Learning® is a publishing company devoted to developing and providing research-based educational products for teachers and students. The company was created for the purpose of making available products that build students' mathematics knowledge in a meaningful and enjoyable way. We believe students must construct knowledge for themselves and that rote drill and practice can be harmful. Above all, our goal is to provide students and teachers with valuable educational materials that facilitate students' inherent curiosity about mathematics and its deeper meanings.
Mathematics Learning® was created by Dr. Grayson H. Wheatley, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education at Florida State University. He has more than forty years experience teaching students and teachers at all grade levels and has over 100 publications focusing on learning, problem solving and spatial visualization. He is a frequent presenter at national meetings and consultants extensively with schools across North America.
"Quick Draw: Developing Spatial Sense in Mathematics" grew out of Dr. Wheatley's research with the use of imagery in mathematics learning. It is being used successfully by thousands of teachers in the United States and abroad. "Coming to Know Number", written with Anne Reynolds, resulted from extensive research with elementary school students investigating the ways they give meaning to their experiences in developing mathematical power.

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