Developing Mathematical Fluency

Developing Mathematical Fluency

Developing Mathematical Fluency: Mathematics Activities for Grades 5-8 by Grayson Wheatley and George E. Abshire

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Mathematical fluency involves being able to reason mathematically and compute accurately, efficiently and flexibly (NCTM, 2000). The meaningful and engaging activities in this book have been carefully designed and tested in classrooms. Emphasis is placed on problem solving, fractions, decimals, percent and algebraic thinking. Fundamental to the implementation of this mathematics program is the Problem Centered Learning instructional strategy, in which students work in groups and explain their reasoning to other students. This book is also appropriate for home schooling, tutors, and interested parents. The book now ships with a CD containing digital files of the student pages. These files will be especially useful for teachers using smartboards. Furthmore, it will make copying pages for student use much easier. If you have already purchased the book and want the digital file, it can be purchased separately.

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